Feb 082012

It’s a Big Apple Show as we explore iBooks Author, iBooks and education, the iBooks EULA, selling iBooks, making iBooks, and iAds in iBooks; Is the iPad a PC?; Working conditions at Foxconn; The tech community’s responsibilities to fair labour; Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 released with a bunch of pro features reinstated; Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke’s Assisted Editing releases 7toX for FCP7 to FCPX conversion; Marquis Broadcast announces X2Pro Audio Convert for FCP7 to ProTools; New 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi standard coming this year?; Virtualising Snow Leopard; Our Recommendations and more.
With Gary McFeat, Matthew JC Powell, David Pyle and Adam Wolter

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iBooks Author
Apple website
Mac App Store
Support Site
PixelCorps’ Alex Lindsay’s view

EULA sparks minor controversy
9to5 Mac

Proprietary file format sparks even more minor controversy
John Gruber | Daring Fireball 1
John Gruber | Daring Fireball 2

Apple releases 10.0.3 update for Final Cut Pro X – restores many wanted features
Serenity Caldwell | Macworld
Gary Adcock | Macworld

Assisted Editing releases 7toX for FCP7 to FCPX conversion
Mac App Store
Assisted Editing website | Overview
Assisted Editing website | Workflow scenarios
Philip Hodgetts’ Blog

Marquis Broadcast announces XtoPro for FCP X to ProTools workflow

Apple expected to adopt 802.11ac Gigabit WiFi standard ahead of schedule

Apple’s profits through the roof – again
MBA Online Infographic
Apple’s quarterly results visualized

The Conversation – Francis Ford Coppola | Gene Hackman



Don’t configure dozens of Windows 7 machines in a week…

Remote Live

Camera For iPad
Easy Weddings Planner

Don’t let your computer hang while you’re upgrading its OS :^)

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